Sunday 14 February 2010

None of those hearts and flowers

The wording reads:
An Ihn!
Und wenn Ich Briefe, bogenlang ihm schriebe,
Kein Wort drückt aus, wie innig ich ihn liebe.

From a combination of half-remembered German lessons, guesswork, and online translators, I think this approximates to:
Even if I write the longest of letters to him
No word can express how much I love him.

This card was sent to me on 21 January 2010 from Briefzentrum 30 (Hanover), in nice time for Valentine's Day.  I really think I prefer it to standard Valentine's Day cards covered in hearts and flowers.  But then again, chance would be a fine thing!
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  1. Oh, I do like this - so very interesting to see all the details in this photograph.

  2. For some reason I can't see the picture, but I do love the message. :)

  3. @jabblog, it's lovely isn't it? From what I can understand on the back, it comes from a book of postcards.

    @spinninglovelydays, oh dear! I haven't come across that problem before. It seems all right to me.

  4. It's so romantic, and much more so than an ordinary Hallmark card.

  5. Sweet message on that postcard! You did a pretty good job of translating.


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