Monday 19 April 2010

Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk

A pen and ink drawing of the Basilica of Our Lady Star of the Sea with the statue of Our Lady superimposed on it.  This statue is considered to be miraculous.  It is carried in procession around the city on the feast day of St Servatius.

The Basilica is in the centre of Maastricht in the Netherlands and is one of the top 100 monuments in the country as established by the National Service for Archaeology, Cultural Landscape and Monuments. It is a very early example of a Romanesque church, some of it dating from the 9th century, with a massive western façade which will have had a defensive role. 
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  1. That's a beautiful rendition of the Our Lady Star of the Sea. Using pen and ink to create this picture gives it a pious mode to it. I didn't know that the Dutch, like the Filipinos, have this devotion on patrons as well, pardon my ignorance.
    Have a nice Wednesday, Sheila :D

  2. Hello Sreisaat! I was surprised by this card too, expecting most Dutch churches to be Protestant. It's quite an unusual and beautiful card, and one that I like very much.

  3. This is so beautiful. Exquisite work!

  4. The southern part is catholic. It was an occupied area during the 16th century war of independence.


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