Thursday 8 April 2010

Schleswig Holstein

The message on the back of this card made me take a second more careful look at the picture, a very attractive one I thought.  But I would say that the sender might think differently:
"This card shows you how it looks like where I live.  Fields, rain, clouds and a lot of mud. Luckily summer was dry this year but the rain will start again soon."
I couldn't help smiling, it sounds so heartfelt.

Schleswig-Holstein is one of those names that has stuck in my memory from history lessons all those years ago, but in spite of the name remaining in memory, the reason for its importance escaped me until I looked it up. The Schleswig-Holstein question was, in essence, the debate as to whether the states of Schleswig and Holstein belonged to Denmark or Germany. Even today, there are five languages spoken in the area: German, Low German, Danish, Frisian and the language of the Sinti and Roma.

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