Sunday 11 April 2010

The Sun Temple of Konarak

The spelling of Konarak on the card seems to have become Konark in Wikipedia, and Konârak on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. But that's beside the point when you realise that this is a temple built in the 13th century in the shape of a giant chariot for the Sun god, Surya. It can be found in the state of Orissa, on the east coast of India by the Bay of Bengal.

The card shows one of the 24 wheels, and the whole is pulled by six horses. It is covered in intricate and complex carvings, many of which are erotic and that, of course, is what most people remember about it.

This card was sent to me, with the most beautiful stamps, on 3 February 2010.

They may be ordinary stamps, I don't know, But I think they look wonderful. I find it so hard to find attractive stamps for my postcards.
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