Monday 3 May 2010

Just for fun

I didn't realise at first that this fun postcard was vaguely related to football.  The ball is there, a pair of boots is there.  But only 11 socks on the line! The caption on the back reads, "Dressing down the team".

The card was sent to me from Germany on 10 September 2009.


  1. What a wonderful card! The puppies are adorable...

  2. Hilarious! The puppies are so sweet and they are being very good, for having been hung out to dry!

  3. Ha ha ha! I love this one! Poor puppies - they were probably scarred for life and became right little terrors. Like my dogs.

  4. This is awesome! I so heart this postcard :D Everybody loves cute dogs. My advertising teacher back in university said that most memorable advertisements have babies and/or pets in them.

  5. I cannot imagine how those dogs were gotten into those socks...they don't look ill at ease, either! Too cute!


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