Wednesday 23 June 2010

Amish Country

From the back of the card:
This typical Amish room is without electricity and is generally bare of any floor covering.  The Amish home is not cluttered, since only the necessities are allowed, but never curtains.
I must say that the uncluttered look has great appeal, and so too a more simple life, but I just can't envisage having no telephone or computer because of the prohibition of electricity.
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  1. It does look very nice and neat...but I wouldn't survive without a computer, I don't think. I am an addict.

  2. It looks serene but an awful lot of hard work goes into keeping it 'simple'. I wonder how much longer the Amish way of life will continue. Young people are leaving and 'marrying out'. It would be sad to see it disappear.


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