Thursday 3 June 2010

A house in Cantabria

A typical house from Cantabria, in a town called Santillana del Mar to be exact, in the north of Spain.  Santillana del Mar is sometimes called the town of three lies: it isn't a "saint" (santa), nor "flat" (llana) and has no "sea" (mar), but it's probably better known for prehistoric paintings in the Altamira Caves nearby.


  1. I love Spain. The country is so rich with culture and tradition. This building just epitomizes the beauty of Spain, what with the falling flowers off the balcony and all.

  2. Spain has always been one of my dream destinations and this beautiful postcard of yours is a solid proof of why it is my dreams :)

  3. This is such a charming house. I haven't visited that part of Spain though I have been to San Sebastian, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Marbella. I love Barcelona and have spent quite a bit of time there.


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