Monday 14 June 2010

Madame Pontalba's Buildings

Pontalba Apartments
French Quarter, Louisiana
Catch a buggy ride near the Pontalba buildings flanking Jackson Square.  America's first apartments, built in 1848, house museums, shops and apartments.

Baroness Pontalba returned to New Orleans from France and had these apartment buildings built to her design, a unique blend of French, American and Creole style.  It seems to me even the horses have a unique style with their woolly hats!
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  1. Ah, these bring back such memories...I lived in New Orleans from September of 1962 to July of 1968 ( I went to nursing school therer and stayed a few years after ) so I am very familiar with these buildings. Most of my classmates married doctors ( residents then ) from LSU and Tulane Medical Schools so they stayed in the area. I get back about once a year and our 45 year nursing school reunion will be in October.


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