Tuesday 1 June 2010

Optical illusion by Escher

The card is an optical illusion but the post isn't - I'm back and ready for another couple of years, all being well.

The drawing is the fairly well-known "Drawing Hands" by MC Escher, a 20th century Dutch artist who worked mainly in lithographs and woodcuts.  Many of these are well-known illusions such as Relativity, the one with people climbing impossible staircases in an impossible building.  I love this one, the hands are so beautifully drawn.  When I scanned the card and saw the all the detail, I decided to load a larger than normal version.  It's well worth clicking on it.

The card arrived from 's-Hertogenbosch today, in perfect time for my return to blogging.
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  1. I have always loved this drawing. Thank you so much for posting it--I haven't seen it around in years!

  2. Welcome back Sheila :-)

    Escher is one of my favourites. I think I discovered him thanks to Windows 3.1. One of the wallpapers was based on his drawings.

  3. Sheila!

    Welcome back! I love my daily postcard fix and really missed you.

  4. Superb! Thanks for sharing this one, the large version is even better and the other link.

  5. Sheila: So happy to hear you are back! Keep on posting!


  6. I had never seen this exquisite drawing before. You are right, the attention to detail is what makes it so special.


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