Friday 11 June 2010

Oscar Wilde and Eduard Vilde

Appearances can be deceptive.  In spite of having a sculpture showing them in conversation, the two writers, Oscar Wilde from Ireland and Eduard Vilde from Estonia, never met.  It would have been quite possible, they were of roughly the same age.

In 1999 the sculpture was placed outside the Wilde Irish Pub in Tartu themed around literature in general and these two writers in particular.  The pub occupies part of a building, a former printing house, along with a book shop.  From what I can understand though, the pub has changed hands and in the process lost its Irish flavour.

In 2004, as a gesture of friendship in the new Europe, Estonia presented Galway with a life size replica of this statue.  Whether it figures in postcards, I don't know.  It would be lovely to have both, if so!

This is a post for Postcard Friday, which is hosted by Beth Niquette at The Best Hearts are Crunchy.
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  1. Wonderful card ... very interesting, too! Happy PFF!

  2. I collect cards of interesting statues, so I really like that card. The statue looks beautiful with the stone background, lamp, and snow.

  3. That's a very interesting statue...great card!!

  4. I love it when postcards make me find out about an author, an artist, a place, a history, an actor/actress I didn't know about before.

  5. Interesting story. I know Wilde's work, but now I have to learn more about Vilde.

  6. Isn't it sad when the context is gone and the artistic "punch" is lost. It would be wonderful for someone to sit with a beer between them and a carry on a conversation.

    Loved the "Twins". Someone told me that blue eyed white cats are frequently deaf from a genetic trait. Wonder if that's true?

    I'm looking for an email I got about someone hiking a trail that ended in a sheer cliff drop that was so scary, I could barely look. Like Geiranger Fjord, but rock. If I find it, I'll send it on.

  7. The cliff is called Preikestolen. I can't look. But it's on Wikipedia.

  8. Thanks everyone!

    Linda, I'd be happy to be the one with the beer, sitting between them. :)

    I don't know about blue eyed white cats but I do have a blue eyed Birman and I can't seem to open a door without being noticed.

    And OMG!!! I've just seen a picture of that cliff!!! I can't even start to think about that.

  9. Speaking of WILD-e...
    If you find a postcard with wild mammal(s), and it might be available for swap with me, please let me know.

  10. Interesting story of the statues - they never met in real life! I wonder how someone thought to put them sharing a table?

    Happy PFF - a little late.

  11. This is such a whimsical postcard--I wonder what they WOULD have thought of one another?

    Fabulous! Happy PFF!

  12. what a card!!! I must stalk now some of my Estonian friends...this is a must have! Thanks for showing it...I never would have thought i could find an Oscar Wilde related card in Estonia


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