Monday 21 June 2010

Summer solstice

I was trying to find a card suitable to mark the longest day, and what better than one that shows the sea.  It comes from Finland and to my eye conveys summer perfectly.

The summer solstice is often defined as the longest day of the year.  I've always thought that odd because days are always 24 hours long.  They should say the day which has the longest daylight hours.  Fortunately our weather has just improved enough for us to notice.  Still cold, but at least sunny.

I suppose a card of Stonehenge might have been as appropriate because of the celebrations that happen there each year at this time - but I don't have any!  This in spite of having driven past the place every day for a year.  It's a shame I never thought to buy a card for myself but at the time it didn't seem at all special.  I've never even visited, and now I live a considerable distance away.  It has taught me that I should send myself something from everywhere I go.  Buying the cards isn't enough - I end up sending them to other people - I must address them and send them.

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