Friday 18 June 2010

Technical hitch

I have been without any way of scanning my cards for the last three days (and perish the thought that I would have planned ahead and had some ready).

To cut a long story short, if ever you have the message "USB device not recognized" in Windows, you should first try to power off your computer AND REMOVE THE PLUG FROM THE POWER SUPPLY.  Leave it for 10 seconds and start up again.  It took me a while to find this information.  It worked for me.

Now I'm playing catch up.


  1. shutting off, unplugging and restarting is always my fist way of trying o fix something.... though I must say - ever since I started running a mc, I don't have anywhere near the amount of problems I had b4 ;-)

    Glad you got it working!

  2. Yes, I do the shutting down all the time as a first effort, but the unplugging ... I forgot! All's well that end's well.

    I know, I know, I have all sorts of people telling me about a mac. When I win the lottery. :)

  3. Computers can be a pain. E.g. my printer only works in a particular USB port :-(

  4. Shiela, I am no computer expert and tend to take the same action as the first line of defence. Never had a problem with the USB though.

    My new toy a Lenovo ThinkCentre is running Windows 7 which I really like. Its an all in one(computer) so its a bit link a Mac but about half the price.

    Which operating system are you using?

  5. @John, I wonder if that's my problem. It started by saying my external disc drive was malfunctioning. I may try moving things around. Carefully.

    @Mike, mine is a little elderly I'm afraid and running XP, but in future I'm going to be thinking of something completely different. I'm so behind the times, I haven't even heard of a ThinkCentre.


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