Thursday 15 July 2010

The British Open Golf Championship

"Royal and Ancient" club house and Grand Hotel

St Andrews Links, driving to 18th hole

Golf Club House and Grand Hotel, St Andrews

These three cards, unused but sadly quite badly marked, all show the "Home of Golf", St Andrews.  This year the Open is being played there, in dreadful weather by all accounts.

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club (then called Society of St Andrews Golfers) was founded in 1754 and still administers the rules of golf everywhere except the USA.  Golf has been played on the links in St Andrews for about 600 years.

UPDATED: Relax Max has written an interesting post about an American amateur golfer who won the Open Championship at St Andrews.
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  1. I had started to leave a comment on this but it got too long, so I just made a post of my own. Wonderful pictures here.


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