Tuesday 13 July 2010

Felin Isaf

It strikes my as a very modern idea to use dual power sources, this mill called Felin Isaf in Anglesey, the island just off the North Wales coast.  When the water levels were low, it could use wind power.  When there was no wind it could use water. 

It was built in 1835 and continued in use until 1930, when the sails were taken off.  It used water power alone for a time but it was accidentally largely destroyed by fire in 1975.  It has since been restored and is rented out as a holiday property.

The card was posted in 1908 in Rhosneigr, a village on Anglesey.  The message is a little odd:
"Dear Bessie, I hope you are taking the kittens out for a walk".
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  1. What a nice place. I would think, restored, it would make a great place for a holilday.


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