Wednesday 21 July 2010

Sail Rock

The pictures I have in my mind of Russia are almost all of the magnificent buildings of Moscow or St. Petersburg, with possibly some more austere images thrown in as a counter-balance.  Until now this type of more natural beauty hasn't been part of the general impression.

The card comes from an about-to-be 12 year old girl as a thank you for some stamps I sent her.  It shows Gelendzhik Bay on the Black Sea, and Sail Rock or Parus Rock.  Sail Rock is an amazing outcrop of rock, only about 1 metre thick but about 25 metres high by 20 wide.  Apart from a more or less square opening towards the bottom, it looks just like a rectangular sail.  The rock is a remnant of a continuous layer of sandstone which can be clearly traced from one side of the cliff to the other along the sea bed.

Unfortunately tourists have been tempted to chip off pieces of the rock as souvenirs, so as a protection, it has been designated a national monument.
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  1. Very pretty pictures, not at all what comes to mind. I am sure there is much lovely scenery in Russia.

  2. That sure is a nice card. It's true: When one thinks Russia and postcard you expect to see the Kremlin walls. Thanks for the great image.

  3. I love your post cards...Do you want one from Singapore? I will send you one, leave a message to my email.


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