Saturday 17 July 2010


As a young teenager, I spent a month in Austria on an exchange organised by my German teacher through the Anglo Austrian Society.  Really, I didn't know enough German to be able to make the most of the experience but later I realised I had absorbed more than I'd been aware.  I ended up being far more comfortable speaking German than French though I'd been learning French far longer.

Because of having spent some time there, I'm always delighted  when a card arrives from anywhere in Austria.  That's happened only three times, and all three times were this month.  I don't know what's happened - a sudden spurt in Postcrossing membership in Austria?

Steyr wasn't one of the places I visited but I wish I had.  It is an ancient city situated on two rivers which meet at the centre of the city.  There is also a canal, the Wehrgraben shown on the card, which was built to power many different mills and did so for hundreds of years.  It is an area rich in industrial history.


  1. Get plenty of rest. I'm wishing you a speedy recovery.

  2. This looks so beautiful. We lived in Austria
    ( my dad was an Army Lt ) from the time I was 3 ( until I was 6 ) and I learned to speak fluid German - sadly, I never used it after I
    returned to the US and I forgot it all.

  3. I've never heard if this location, but Austria is just splendid. It looks enchanting.


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