Saturday 21 August 2010

Izaac Walton revisited

This card, almost certainly dating from the same time as the previous one, "Study to be Quiet", shows the full window dedicated to Izaak Walton.  It's in Prior Silkstede's chapel in the south transept of Winchester Cathedral, just above the simple black marble slab marking the tomb of Izaak Walton. 

Tomb inscription
Here resteth the body of Mr Isaac Walton who dyed the 15th of December 1683
Alas hee's gone before, Gone to returne noe more
Our panting breaths aspire, After their aged sire
Whose wellspent life did last, Full ninety years and past
But now he hath begun, That which will nere be done
Crownd with eternal bliss, We wish our souls with his.
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  1. Lovely postcard! It reminds me of my travels in Europe. You have a great blog.


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