Saturday 14 August 2010

Jordan's Meeting House

From the back of the card:
Jordan's Meeting House (Interior)
With Jordan's meeting House and old Jordan's Farm are inseparably linked many stories of religious enthusiasm and persecution.  George Fox never worshipped in the Meeting House, though in 1673 he was at Old Jordans.  Penn, Ellwood, William Russell, and Thomas Story probably all worshipped here.
The writer assumes a certain amount of knowledge of Quaker history.  George Fox is considered the founder of the the Quakers, the Religious Society of Friends. William Penn, whose grave is in the graveyard at Jordans, was the founder of Pennsylvania in what was to become the USA.  Thomas Ellwood was a writer and close friend to William Penn and George Fox.

The early Quakers faced persecution for their beliefs.  Pennsylvania was to be a safe place for anyone to worship in peace.

Nearby is the Mayflower Barn, said to be made from the timbers of the Mayflower, the ship that transported the Pilgrims across the Atlantic.
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