Sunday 19 September 2010

Park City, Main Street

Main Street, High Street, Rue Grande, Hauptstraße, call it what you will (and that's about my limit) this is probably one of the most colourful and attractive ones I've seen.

Park City in Utah was once a mining town, but with the decline in the mining industry, the population also declined.  Now tourists outnumber residents because of the development of ski resorts, outdoor activities such as walking and biking, and the annual Sundance Film Festival.

It has been voted one of the prettiest towns in the USA.
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  1. Well, this looks like a delightful place to visit. Actually, I know it for a fact. The fish and chips served at an "Authentic Irish Pub" on Main Street are probably better most days than when I tried them. Thank you. :)

  2. I've never been here but it looks just beautiful.

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  3. @Max, I'd love to see the authentic Irish Pub! That will be a bright green building, I'm sure. :)

    @RNsane, good luck with the giveaway.


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