Thursday 9 September 2010


A very atmospheric picture of the cathedral of St Peter and St Paul in Poznań, Poland.  It was built in the late 10th century inside the fortified settlement which is now called Cathedral Island.  The bridge is Bishop Jordan's Bridge, named after the missionary bishop who arrived in the city in 966.  I thought the bridge looked remarkabky modern, and it is.  It was opened in 2007.

If you are as curious as I am, you might like to know that the accent over the final n in Poznań gives it a ny sound.
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  1. I'm Polish, so I'm a bit partial to Polish architecture. This is a lovely structure. The rooftops are fascinating, almost reminiscent of Russian conical towers.

  2. Hi, I popped over from Blogaire's blog to see your postcards. Love the header picture of those wonderful postboxes.

  3. I really love this postcard! It looks so incredibly magical. I have been tryin to wrap my tongue around "Pozna-ny" but it is hard. I am learning Serbian and am finding it somewhat easier, thankfully. The only thing I cannot manage, in any language, is a rolling "r". I got into trouble for it when trying to learn Afrikaans in South Africa - my teacher accused me of having an Enlish accent!


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