Thursday 2 September 2010

Pub crawl

A few typical pubs, signs and features.  I bought this card today, thinking it was relatively interesting but now that I've looked at it properly I'm finding it more interesting.

There is a telephone number on the back, a London one starting with 071.  At one time all London numbers started with 01, but because of pressure of numbers, it was decided that inner London numbers would have 071 for an area code and outer London 081.  The discrimination caused uproar in some quarters.  In 1995 these two prefixes became 0171 and 0181 respectively.  Not until 2000 did the discrimination end, when all of London shared a code: 020.

So my nice new card that I bought today is at least 15 years old.  The pubs may no longer even exist.
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  1. I love this kind of thing. When I bought the jackalope cards in Idaho this summer, they looked like they'd been on the rack for 20 years. Who knows? Hope you are well.


  2. How very interesting! Our telephone number has expanded from 4 numbers to 6 and with the STD code to 11.

  3. I've always liked the Pub signs in London, and elsewhere. The names of Pubs have always been a bit of fun as well.

    The pubs pictured may be gone, or been transformed into gastropubs, which is even worse.


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