Friday 17 September 2010

St Anne's on Sea

My father must have bought or found this card, though I've no idea when.  The reason he will have kept it will have been the coincidences for our family.  I was married in this church, and June 19 is my birthday.  Not, I hasten to add, 1909.  I confidently expect to reach 101, but not for a few years yet!

The message on the back reads:
I arrived safely and Florrie, Sidney and Jack met me at the station.  It is very dull here today but I think a better morning than with us.  I am glad I brought my old dress.  With love, A.W.
The card appears to have been rather old when it was written because the space for the message is only 1/3, with 2/3 allowed for the address, and the printed instructions say that for foreign postage, any message must be on the reverse.  It's interesting that we call these cards "divided back", but in those days the picture side seems to have been considered the back:
For INLAND postage this space as well as the Back may now be used for Communication.
For FOREIGN postage, the Back only.
This is a post for Postcard Friday, which is hosted by Beth Niquette at The Best Hearts are Crunchy.


  1. that is intriguing... so if you were posting overseas, then you had to write on the picture? (Am I getting confused?)

    I am not sure if I will live to see 101. It might be nice but my family on my dad's side only seems to make about 70.

  2. No, you're quite right, Emm, they had to write on the picture, or beside it. They were often designed with enough space.

  3. I have some old cards in my collection where the writing was on the front too.

    You share your birthday with my parent's wedding anniversary.

    Happy Postcarding!

  4. The church seems like a romantic place for a wedding, but it's hard to see at the postcard. I wondered why the sender was so glad she brought her old dress. Because it was a dull day? Happy PFF!

  5. Interesting post. Memories for you of your wedding. Interesting about writing on the front. Learn something new everyday! Happy PFF!

  6. Well, I learn something every day, and today I learn about the back of the card!

  7. Interesting coincidences.

    The instructions are different than on U.S. cards.

  8. The sender's message is wonderfully disjointed. What does one comment have to do with another? What is the story behind it all?

  9. Nineteen more years and I will be 101! Egad!! Doubt if I make it, but it would be okay as long as I still had some gray (or is it grey) matter left and able to get around. Very pretty postcard - what a nice place to have had your wedding. Carol

  10. Postcards with coincidences like that are special.

  11. I found a postcard of the church where my father was baptized. Those connections are fun to discover when rummaging through a box of postcards.

  12. Hey, happy PFF. I wonder about the old dress too.

  13. Postcards representing milestones from a life...Nice! :)
    How did you get 267 followers?
    I am stuck at 96. :)

  14. Oh, no, I really don't want to live to 101. Life is turning out to be pretty horrible for me since the loss of my nursing job of 21 years which forced me to retire 18 months ago. Retiring on a half time pension with an income cut of $90,000 annually has changed my life completely!


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