Sunday 26 September 2010

Zhenhai Tower

Two cards of the the Zhenzai Tower, one posted from Hong Kong and the other from mainland China, arrived within days of each other.  The cards look so different, it took me a while to realise they were showing the same thing.

From the backs of the cards:
Zhenhai Tower literally means 'the tower calms the seas and mountains' and is also known as the Five-storey Pagoda.  It stands on the top of Yuexiu Hill and now is the City Museum with exhibitions telling the history of Guangzhou from Neolithic times to the recent time of this century.

The elegant Zhenhai Building, which was built on the Xiaopanlong Hillock during the Qing dynasty and the early period of the Republic of China, overlooks all other hills and the nearby city wall built in the Ming Dynasty.  The couplet on this building written by Peng Yulin during the late Qing Dynasty is still widely loved -- 'Touching the sky and stars, the supercilious building surprisingly survived thousands of disasters.  Standing by the rails, I cherish the memory of the heroes as I seem to clearly see the battlefront 500 years ago.'
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  1. I think it's great that you made the L. A. Times, Sheila!


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