Thursday 28 October 2010


Gouda is a town in the Netherlands known for its distinctive cheese covered in a yellow waxy rind.  Originally, in the middle ages, the town was a centre for the distribution of cheeses from the surrounding farms.  The market was so profitable that in 1667 the town council decided to levy a tax on cheese.  In 1668 a weigh house (de Waag) was built opposite the Town Hall as you can see in the postcard.

There is still a market held every week during the summer months, in the market place between the town hall and the weigh house.  A tourist attraction now, but it re-enacts the medieval tradition along with displays of other crafts typical of Dutch culture.
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  1. I have always heard of the type of cheese but never knew it came from a specific area. Now you are making me want to try it. Thanks

  2. uhhoooh..what a biiiig cheese you got there... i think it is yummy.. nici nice nice!

  3. I certainly do like Gouda and have consumed far too much of it. I like cheese, in general, and it's pretty expensive!

  4. I love cheese! It's so interesting to find out info like this. I love knowing the origins of things!


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