Monday 25 October 2010

Spanish Riding School


This brings back so many memories for me, all from one month of the summer I was 14.  That was so many years ago and yet one postcard can bring it all back.  I was sent on an exchange for four weeks to a family in Vienna to improve my German.

The family I was with were incredibly kind and showed me all they could, and one of the highlights was a visit to the Spanish Riding School, die Spanische Hofreitschule, the oldest school of horsemanship in the world.  There they give stunning displays of dressage on white Lipizanner horses in their equally stunning riding hall. 

I don't know how much my German was inmproved but I had some unforgettable experiences.  The Spanish Riding School was one of them.
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  1. Yes my friend, all it takes is one picture to bring back warm memories. Thanks for sharing this one with us.

  2. another nice postcard you shared to us! thanks..

  3. love the information!!! and loved reading about your memories!

    I just started a new fashion could be hott? I think you might like it follow me?

  4. Nice to see "my" card here! So, how is your German these days? I have to confess I've never visited the Riding School in Vienna, but I went to the stables in Piber, a village in Styria, where the horses are bred and trained. If they are good enough, they move to Vienna, and if not, you can buy them (expensive, of course!). The guided tours are very interesting and you can learn much about the training and breeding of Lipizzaner. Originally the horses come from Slovenia, from a place that sounds similar to Lipizzaner.


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