Thursday 14 October 2010

A week for water: 6 Squam Lake

Squam Lake in New Hampshire has in interesting history of names, most of which I can't begin to pronounce.  It started off as Keeseenunknipee, which became shortened in a number of ways.  Later still it was changed to Asquam, an Abenaki name meaning water.  So that too became shortened, et voilà, Squam Lake.  It flows through the Little Squam Lake and then into the Squam River. 

The whole area abounds with undeveloped natural beauty, probably helped by the lack of good transport access for a long time.  So it is relatively unspoiled, and kept that way because the Squam Lakes Association, along with a number of other organisations, is dedicated to conserving the peaceful and unique resources to be found there.
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  1. I am brasilian and lijed very much of the imagens

  2. I really like your idea of post card-a-day. It is a good way to show the world and the beauty of it.
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  3. i really like the way you set up your cards.


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