Saturday 6 November 2010

Autumn colours

Autumn colours before they disappear altogether.  I think this stream and bridge would look beautiful at any time of year but there's no indication of where it is.

Apart from the picture, the message written in 1926 is worthy of note:
Have just returned from Miss Mills who sends her regards and suddenly remember I had forgot to thank you both ever so much for the delicious pie.  It arrived safely but has nearly gone again, the way of all flesh.
Pie?  A pie was sent through the post?  I can't imagine that.  Did it arrive intact?  And what sort of pie?  A fruit pie?  Or a savoury one?  It must have been a sturdy one.


  1. As somebody who works for Royal Mail I can tell you that a pie would have to be very well packaged to arrive intact nowadays!
    Thats a very nice postcard depicting one of my favourite times of the year though.
    I'm a newcomer to your blog but following you has really revived my interest in postcards and brought back some happy memories at the same time and for that I thank you.

  2. It's a lovely card, but I forgot all about the picture when I started reading about pie. Sad how my brain works. I also wonder what sort of a pie it was. I'm sort of hoping for cherry.

  3. It arrived intact and it was a savory one.

    I used to get cookies and little cakes in the mail as CARE packages, once upon a time. No banana cream pie, though.

  4. What a coincidence. I have just been taking some photos of the autumn colours - can't match this postcard though.
    You have made me think of blackberry and apple pies.

  5. @Paul, I certainly can't imagine how it could be packaged.

    @Christine, yes, the message took over for me too. :)

    @Max, thanks for solving my dilemma. Sorry to hear about the banana cream pie. If I'd only known....

    @Bob, you're making my mouth water. :)

  6. @Mo, isn't it just. I love autumn colours.


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