Tuesday 23 November 2010

National Museum of Natural Science, Taichung

Although this has the name of the National Museum of Natural Science of Taichung, the card acttually shows the Tropical Rainforest Conservatory, part of the Botanical Garden, and that in its turn is part of the National Museum.  It must be quite some place.

It is 31 meters high by 56 wide and houses about 500 different plant species you might find in a tropical rainforest.  The building is one of the landmarks in Taichung.  It sounds very much like the Eden Project in Cornwall which I visited many years ago before it was properly established.  I'd love to go again.  I don't even have a postcard from there!

Post number 999 - almost there!
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  1. I have a few photos of the Eden Project in 2003; they are not particularly good. Let me know if you would like them.

  2. Great building! Look forward to the next post, already a 1000!!!

  3. Bob, that's very kind of you. I've been told by my husband that I do have pictures but I still haven't found them. I'll keep looking.

    Juka, thanks. It took quite a time to get there.:)

  4. i am in Taiwan and I have never been to this place.. You give me an idea of where to go next!! Thank you..


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