Monday 15 November 2010


Considering that Paphos, on the south west tip of Cyprus, is so steeped in history that the whole town was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, it seems a shame that this particular card was chosen for my father in 1987.  There is an excuse though, it was used to announce an engagement, so the romantic scene is fitting.
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  1. It is a very inviting photo for sure. Makes you want to be there.

  2. As I look at the white frost outside I certainly want to be there today!

  3. What a place for a proposal - how romantic :-)

  4. Nice!

    We married at Paphos Town Hall in November 1999 and it was a gorgeous day.

    We're now relocated from UK and happily living in Limassol, Cyprus.


  5. @Odie, yes, me too.
    @Adullamite, ours cleared up pretty fast today and followed with bright sunshine. Can't complain. :)
    @jabblog, certainly more romantic than mine.
    @Michele, well that goes to prove how romantic it is, doesn't it!

  6. :) When we went to Turkey, we spent loads of time touring around the sites but we were so relieved to spend a couple of days relaxing on the gorgeous beaches too.


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