Thursday 25 November 2010

Thanksgiving wishes

I knew I'd have to cheat to post a card for Thanksgiving today because I've never received one.  I did think that if I visited the Postcrossing site I might find one there, but either nobody sends Thanksgiving cards these days or I was out of luck.  I had to resort to trawling through free image sites, where I found this gem.  I think it's a gem, anyway - the marriage of two cultures and two celebrations: Thanksgiving in the USA and Hogmanay in Scotland.

To make up for not having an appropriate card, I've been doing the BBC's Thanksgiving quiz, the difficult one, only because I can't get the easy one to work.  A little practice and even I can get ten out of ten right, so I get some pumpkin pie!
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  1. Happy Thanksgiving. You managed to find a very nice image. People don't really send Thanksgiving cards anymore, but when they did, they often featured a hapless turkey and a person with an axe. There are some nice cards out there though.

  2. Great job Sheila but more important is having you join in with us today. You are part of our blog family so it's good to get to tell you Happy Thanksgiving too.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Sheila - there's a bunch of thanksgiving postcarsd on my blog from Thanksgiving last year, in case you're intersted in seeing a few more. I confess I had to repeat post one of them to have a Thanksgiving card on the blog for this year! Checkk out (yesterday) or or or or (that last set seemed to be particularly popular). If I can find a thanksgiving postcard, I'll send you one!

  4. Got pumpkin pie for 100% correct on the easy test. The hard test was only half right, but they were not all that relevant to American Thanksgiving, don't you agree?


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