Saturday 20 November 2010

Venice, Rio dell'Osmarin

I will always pick up a card from Venice - my grandfather was born there and it has special meaning for me.  When I found this one I was sure I had a modern card very similar but after a long search I've decided I must have been thinking of an old photo I took a long time ago.  In case it means anything to those who know, it's an Edizione di lusso L'Argentografica di Torino.

It shows one of the smaller canals, one that has no path beside it. I still find it amazing how Venice functions as a major city and yet is completely free of motor cars or lorries.  It is fascinating to see DHL and similar delivery service motorboats going along the canals.

Again it's the message, written in July 1937, that interests me as much as the card:
We arrived here this afternoon.  It's marvellous, just like I always imagined it.  We spent 5 days in Florence and saw Pisa and Padova!  We leave for the Dolomites tomorrow.  Think of 4 days in the mountains in an open car!  I'm longing for a cold country again.  I'm sure I could never stand Tahiti.  Italy is a raging inferno at present.
First of all, I can't imagine why they were spending only one day in Venice.  Talk about a whistle stop tour.  But this was 1937 and I do wonder how many people in those days would tour Italy in an open car.  A very select few, I imagine.  So it's another card that leaves me conjuring up images in my mind.


  1. Sadly I don't think I will ever visit Europe. I spent time in SE Asia being able to see the Phillipines, Japan, Viet Nam & Wake Island and of course Hawaii. Europe just doesn't seem to be in my future. I always wanted to see Germany since one of my daughters spent a year there as an exchange student. I really enjoyed your post anyway.

  2. I understand that Venice is a very different place for people who live there - more so than most other places. I imagine your grandfather must have had some stories.

  3. It's intriguing to see Tahiti included almost as a throwaway comment.

  4. How lovely! I love this old card and had to click on your image to try see some more of the detail. It reminded me of my Jean Paul Sartre books somehow. I will take your advice and try to remember that one day in Venice will never work.

  5. Hello!

    Do you trade postcards with other people? Such as I send you a postcard and you send me a postcard back?

    If so, please let me know. My e-mail address is

    Cheers & thanks!

    DJ Medusa.

  6. @Odie, well I think the likelihood that I will see any of the places you mention is practically nil, so we're even on that score.

    @Christine, sadly my grandfather died well before I was born.

    @Bob, yes, I wondered at the mention of Tahiti. Very odd.

    @Emm, very definitely more than one day, especially if you want to get off the beaten track and yet still want to see the main sights. It is wonderful. I'd go back again tomorrow.

    @Medusa, I've sent you an email, thanks.

  7. I could never imagine one day in Venice, but I've heard it's dreadfully muggy. I'm trying to escape that here in Florida. However the card is lovely.


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