Sunday 5 December 2010

Kaohsiung Lighthouse

Kaohsiung Lighthouse was located at the peak of Qihou Hill at Kaohsiung Harbor.  In 1883 the square brick lighthouse, installed with grade-6 single-wick postioned reflectors was constructed by the customs.  In 1916 the lighthouse was remodelled by the Japanese.  In 1918 the remodelling was completed and the lighthouse turned to be a white octagonal brick lighthouse.  There was a western office built in front of the lighthouse.  The two buildings are combined as one to form Kaohsiung Lighthouse.
Although the lighthouse is called Kaohsiung Lighthouse on the card, it seems to be known more often as Chihou Lighthouse.  I don't intend to cut it up to make a model, because in that way someone in the future will be able to say, "Isn't it remarkable that it's lasted so long"!
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  1. Never thought I would see a light house shaped like that. That is a good one. I got your postcard today of Dover Castle. It is great, thanks.


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