Saturday 1 January 2011

New Year

An interesting card from Belarus because it dates from 1985 when Belarus was part of the USSR.  It even has an old USSR stamp on it, along with the lovely modern Christmas ones from Belarus.

New Year became the main winter celebration in the USSR when the Communist Party banned Christmas and many of the old Christmas symbols were incorporated into the New Year traditions.


  1. a lovely card, Happy New Year to you Sheila :)

  2. And since the symbols aren't exactly Christian anyway, it works fine to use them for New Year instead. Wonderful stamps. I hope you are having a happy New Year.

  3. That was a really happy card & a real find with the Russian stamp on it. Happy new year Sheila.

  4. Happy Belated New Year Sheila. That kind of looks like the Easter Bunny hitching a ride upfront.

  5. Cute card...see my New Year's poem at:


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