Saturday 15 January 2011

Ocean City

If you look carefully you can see a watermark right across the card.  I think it may have swum the whole way across the Atlantic but though it did arrive battered and damp, it did at least arrive. 

Ocean City is a resort in Maryland on the Atlantic coast.  When I read that the population rises from about 8,000 to 350,000 on a summer weekend, I decided that it's probably not the place for me during the season.  Nearby is Isle of Wight Bay.  Strangely, there's an Ocean City on the south coast of England, in Bournemouth not so far from the Isle of Wight.  I was intrigued when that came up in my searches because I'd never heard of an English Ocean City before.  It turns out to be a Chinese restaurant.
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  1. 8,000 to 350,000 is quite a big jump, they have to make tons of money from the tourists.

  2. A very inviting place for sure & only about 4 hours from where I live.

  3. That sounds like much of Florida in the wintr months when the "snow birds" migrate south to escape the cold and snow of the North. My friend who lives in Plant City near Tampa says their population quadruples.


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