Wednesday 5 January 2011

Romanian fortified house

Another fortification, but this one is very different in style and presentation.  This card shows a painting  of a Romanian "culo", a fortified house, by George Petrascu.  "Cule" were built to defend against Turkish attacks.  Most Romanian countryside houses were single storey but these fortified ones had protected staircases to an upper stoey with a fortified door below.  They had thick walls, narrow windows and were squarish in shape.  Only about 18 remain today out of maybe hundreds there once were along the southern border marked by the Danube.


  1. For a fortified house, this is extremely charming. I'd live there. O.k., I might add some more windows with window boxes and geraniums.

  2. Looks a little to rustic for me. Too bad that so few still remain.


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