Monday 17 January 2011


One of Sarawak's famous long-houses where a whole village community lives under one roof.

One side of the building is kept as a more or less public area and on the other side are private living spaces.  The whole building is raised on stilts to protect against flooding.  When floods aren't a problem, the air circulating keeps the building cool, and livestock can use the space as shelter.
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  1. That's one of the most uniqaue and interesting ones you have shown lately. Imagine a whole community under one roof. Amazing.

  2. My anthropology professor lived in one of these during his research, saying he had to shower outside in front of dozens of people. Humiliating to him, but normal to the people that live there all the time.

  3. That is certainly communal living though, with each family having its own private space, I guess it's not so bad. Since it is their way of life, they probably don't mind. We are so used to privacy. I seem to have grown less modest as I have grown older and, being an RN for 45 years, has made me less modest as well. I do respect my patients privacy but, when I'm in the hospital, I tell the nurses to do what they have to do, don't worry if they have to expose a little anatomy!


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