Wednesday 19 January 2011

Tall Ships in Amsterdam

Sail Amsterdam started on 19 August 2010 with a parade of tall ships and others such as naval ships, yachts and replicas, sailing in formation along the North Sea Canal from IJmuiden to Amsterdam.  The person who sent me this card saw this amazing ship in the harbour.

Before this event, the Tall Ships Races were held in Antwerp (Belgium), Aalborg (Denmark), Kristiansand (Norway) and then Hartlepool in the north of England.  The final race in Hartlepool formed a link between the Races and Amsterdam.  It ended on 17 August at IJmuiden where the ships gathered for the parade into Amsterdam.

It must have been a magnificent sight, one that I'd love to see for myself one day.
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  1. Sheila I look at these ships and am amazed at the workmanship and how long it must have taken to complete one of these majestic ships.
    Odie :)

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  3. I saw the tall ships at Hartlepool last year but only tied up at the dock - not very impressive. I had seen an earlier tall ships event at Stavanger when I worked in Norway - ships in full sail were a fantastic sight,

  4. Occasionally, a tall ship, with sails furled, sails under the Golden Gate Bridge, into San Francisco Bay. It really is a glorious sight.


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