Tuesday 1 February 2011

Visiting the Neighbours in Winter

The German name for this painting is Klatsch und Tratsch im Winter, which translates a little differently: Gossip in the Winter.  I love the words "Klatsch und Tratsch" almost as much as I love the painting.  The English translation "visiting the Neighbours in Winter" just doesn't have the same ring.

It was painted by Török János who was a Hungarian artist who specialised in painting rural scenes and traditions.  I can just imagine the gossip being exchanged, but I'm intrigued by the men sitting in front of the large basket.  I'd love to know what they are doing.  there is so much detail there: the cats, the snowy scene outside, the doll on the bed.  I think it is delightful. 
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  1. It is lovely work and makes you think about all that was going on.

  2. That's a very interesting card!
    Looks like a picture from a museum of art naive)

  3. There must be something special in the baskets...perhaps the supply of grog or whatever they drink to warm the innards!!

  4. I have found your link on the Postcrossing web site and after clicking I found this picture. I’m from Hungary, and I know what they are doing! I don’t know the exact name of this rural labour. In Hungarian: “kukoricamorzsolás” (=maize-shelling?) The two men (grandfather and father) are holding ear of maize/corn and shell the kernel from the cob. Kernels are rolling dawn from their aprons in the large baskets. The mother is picking something (bean, pea etc.). Grandmother tell a tale and the two daughters listen to. It is a typical scene from life of a Hungarian peasant family 50-100 years before. I don’t know why the English title is: “Visiting the neighbours in winter". I think it is a family and the German title is better.

  5. Hello, and thank you for visiting! I don't think there is an equivalent word on English. Husking is taking off the outer leaves and after that it's just removing the kernels. It's great to find out what they are all doing.

    I don't know who decided the English title, but it's a lovely painting and one of my cards I love the most.


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