Wednesday 23 March 2011

Anne Frank's diary

A postcard showing the open pages of a journal has left me wondering what I can possibly say in the few lines available to me.  Of course it isn't any ordinary journal, it's the diary of Anne Frank, possibly the best known in all the world.  If it isn't, it should be.

Anne Frank, a girl in her early teens, spent just over two years in hiding in a secret annexe to an office building in Amsterdam in a effort to escape deportation to a concentration camp during World War II.  That effort was in the end fruitless, but Anne's diary has left us with a unique record of her thoughts during that time.
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  1. Whenever I see her face, the horror of what Jews endured during that time comes back full throttle. To think that some idiots are trying to rewrite the history and say the Holocaust never happened. Memory of it must never be erased from the history books.

  2. I agree fully with Scrappy. The real history must never be hidden.

  3. If you only go to Amsterdam once you must see Ann Frank's House. Read her story, you will never forget it.

  4. As a forensic nurse, I was preparing a course on genocide. I saw so many documentaries and movies, not just on the Holacaust, but other horrible atrocites in the world - Nangking, China, Cambodia, Darfur - my son would come downstairs sometime and find me just sobbing. I will never forget what I saw in these films and I learned so much - I just hope I taught it well.

  5. It reminded me of a trip to Amsterdam, and the memories of a brave girl, which I have blogged in a few verses. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh my.... I have never seen her handwriting before. I've read a series of books on the holocaust lately, each more horrific than the one before. I would love to see her actual diary one day.


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