Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Ingleborough Cave

The "Mushroom Bed" in Eldon Hall.  A massive bank of stalagmite formation with a rippled effect on its surface due to miniature rimstone pools - ridges of lime holding back pools with minute crystals of lime in them.
The Ingleborough Cave was found in 1837 after a flood broke down some natural dams to reveal "a wonderland of natural passages".  On the reverse of the card, it says the cave is near Lancaster but the website talks about being in the Yorkshire Dales.  Can both be true? 

If I'm honest, this formation looks more like a giant jellyfish than a mushroom to me, but I'm no expert.  If you want an expert, visit English Wilderness where John, who gave me this card, is currently showing some pictures of formations in Gough's Cave, in Somerset.

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  1. The big one on the left looks like a mushroom, but I'm not too sure about the others.

  2. It's very cold in some caves. But interesting too. I've only visit caves in België. I like this picture!

  3. I have only been underground at the "Indian Echo Caverns" near Hershey, Pa. Was a good experience.

  4. A hamburger bun. A Venus Flytrap.

    This is amazing! I love this picture.

    Maybe this is in those Lancaster Dells I've heard so much about.

  5. I think whoever comes up with the tourist names for cave formations has a vivid imagination.

    I suppose Lancaster is the nearest big town, although the cave is close to Clapham in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

    I've visited a couple of times and also explored some of the non-tourist caves nearby :-)

  6. Caves are fascinating but I always find them a bit creepy, especially living, as I do, in "earthquake country" - wouldn't want to be in there when a tremor is felt.

  7. I've been to these caves and they are wonderful. The caves are in the Yorkshire Dales National Park but Lancaster is probably the nearest city, although it is a different county. Yorkshire is the largest county in England.


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