Friday 13 May 2011

Exotic fruit

Colourful fruit stands along the roadside in Tagaytay, Batangas, Philippines.  That is all it says on the reverse of the card, and I'd dearly love to know what the fruit is.  I can at least identify oranges and grapefruit and bananas but I don't want to display my ignorance by guessing at the others.

If you click on the picture, you can see a much larger version and maybe identify a few more.

This is a post for Postcard Friday, which is hosted by Beth Niquette at The Best Hearts are Crunchy.


  1. You would have no problem with getting your 5 a day there.

  2. I think the ones in the front are lychees. I would like some of those little apple-bananas.

  3. hi there!nice post. from the left its a mango, oranges, grapefruit and the small one with yellow color called Lanzones and have a sweet taste, and the color red called Mabolo fruit with a sweet taste and the texture inside is like a sweet potato when it ripe, the green one is called Guyabano or Soursop, nice for fresh fruit juice , and the last one with red color called Rambutan has a taste same with lychee but not too sweet. By the way have you been in Phil? Hope you visit here.. tc

  4. Looks like you received help already. I think the one on top of the soursop, the big round, yellow fruit, is called a pomelo. Sweet and sourish at times, it has sacs like that of an orange fruit.

    I published my PFF post since Thursday night and it disappeared completely the whole Friday :( Other than that, I didn't notice any loss of posts/comments. Will definitely let you know of my planned giveaways!

  5. Er um... no help here. Luckily you have received the info already.

  6. They do look lovely and colourful. Hope they are sweet tasting. I dont like sour fruit!

  7. I wouldn't have been any help with identification either ... but I do know these beautiful tropical fruits are making me hungry this morning!

    Happy PFF!


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