Saturday 14 May 2011


I was going to tell you all about the country of Guyana, but I'll leave you to look it up in Wikipedia.  The thing is, I let myself be diverted by the Demerera River which meets the sea at Georgetown, the capital of Guyana. 

The name struck me because Demerera sugar can be found on shop shelves in this country, among all the other brown sugars.  There are so many different sorts but Demerera is naturally brown in that it's made from partly refined sugar.  Other brown sugars are made from fully refined sugar with added molasses. In the USA a similar sugar is known as turbinado sugar and mainly comes from Hawaii.

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  1. I still associate that name with Devil's Island. I know it is the other one, but still I do. No postcards from Devil's Island (Ile du diablo) I don't suppose.

  2. Thanks to postcard like this because I discover some country i didn't even knew existed. :)

  3. Always good to learn about places and facts that we only knew part of. Thanks

  4. My colleague comes from Guyana. Shes told me a lot about the sugar trade and history of the land. The saddest thing she told me is that she did not know where her family came from (during the slave trade) and many people in the country don't know either.


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