Sunday 29 May 2011


The central street in Kaunas, taken about some time ago apparently.  The sender tells me people dress very differently now.  They look fairly modern to me but I suppose I don't have the same perspective as an 18 year old girl.

The stamp is one I've received a few times now, Galileo Galilei, a physicist, mathematician and astronomer.  In fact I nearly trotted him out when the theme was astronomy.  He featured on one of the Lithuanian Europa stamps for 2009 when the theme was ..... astronomy!
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  1. That's a fine stamp. I assume Kaunas is in Lithuania.
    The fashions look modern to me - but I'm only a man!

  2. Obviously an 18 year old eye sees more than mine. Is it 90s? At least I can tell the date of Galileo on the stamp:-)

  3. In the world of postcards, 1990s is very modern! It is nice to be able to see the styles people were wearing whenever that photo was made.

  4. Nice stamp! I have a few of this stamp as well and I like them a lot. I also wonder how they are dressed now because they look modern to me as well!

    Postcards Crossing

  5. I like the Galileo Galilei stamp. I am a medical physicist and I wish to add more stamps that have notable figures in the mathematics and scientific world.

    The only one that I have so far is a stamp of Marie Curie from France.

  6. I like the stamp,as well. I enjoy all stamps that are varied and interesting - and colorful!

    I guess, at 66, that postcard looks pretty modern to me. At least, they're no wearing butles or flapper outfits!

  7. yup, they look modern to me too :)
    a very nice stamp and the theme is definitely bringing up some interesting people stamps.

  8. Very nice stamp. Love learning so many new facts.

  9. It's funny bec from the 18 yrs old point of view, those people dress "differently",but for me,they are still "modern", :)

    Here is my Sunday Stamp

  10. I love scientists stamps, as should be obvious. Thanks for participating!


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