Thursday 19 May 2011

Old cars at Lago di Garda

At first I thought this card could be a reproduction because it's in such good condition but the postmark appears to be 1959.  After some time trying to decipher that, I saw that the message on the back is clearly dated 10 September 1959.

It doesn't show a great deal of Lake Garda the largest lake in Italy, it doesn't show it at all, or of the lovely old town of Sirmione, but the old cars in the square are beautiful I think.
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  1. The Beetles have still retained their shape. Can't say the same about my figure - my chest has slipped a bit since 1959.

  2. :) :) You speak for yourself, Bob! I don't think I had a chest in 1959.

  3. Very unique. I like it a lot.

  4. I never had a chance to visit any of the Italian lakes. There is so much I missed, Sheila!

  5. Lovely cars! I bet they had no idea how iconic and retro this scene would look one day.

  6. @Odie, thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

    @Carmen, I think we've all missed things over the years. I know I have.

    @Emm, that's what made me think it was a reproduction. It's just so iconic.


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