Tuesday 14 June 2011

Bibi Khanum mosque, Samarkand

Samarkand, one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, is not surprisingly a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  At the crossroads of the Great Silk road between the east and west it became a melting pot for all the cultures with which it came into contact.

The Bibi Khanum mosque was built between 1399 and 1404.  It decayed and fell into ruins over the years but in 1974 reconstruction started so that once again it dominates the city skyline.


  1. Beautiful! The name Samarkand has a fairy tale ring about it, and this mosque certainly looks like something from a fairy tale.

    I remember thinking Ouagadougou was a fictitious place. Then I learned differently and even visited there. I remember it well: My dh and I crashed through a bed in a cheap hotel ;)

  2. It has some beautiful colors

  3. This is a very beautiful mosque!!

  4. Absolutely amazing!
    Keep up the good work :)
    Best Wishes.


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