Tuesday 28 June 2011


Trishaw riders relaxing by a busy crossroad and watching the world pass by.

Trishaws, otherwise known as pedicabs, bike cabs, becak, cycle rickshaws or simply rickshaws.  Unlike the old rickshaws which were pulled along by runners, these are propelled by pedal power.  The ones you see in the card, typical of Indonesia and Vietnam, are designed with the cyclist behind the passengers while others in south Asia have the passengers behind the driver.  In the Philippines, the passengers are alongside the driver.

Interestingly, although the trishaw was considered an icon of the city of Jakarta in Indonesia, they were banned from the city centre in 1970.  However, more modern versions are being adopted in cities such as London, Edinburgh, and many major cities in the USA.  Often they are used for tourists as an alternative to taxis or other similar transportation.

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