Sunday 10 July 2011

25th Anniversary of the Coronation

In 1978 it was the 25th anniversary of the Queen's coronation and these were the cards and stamps issued by the Royal Mail to commemorate the event.

We are having a right royal time with commemorative events here.  Next year we have the Diamond Jubilee, the 60th anniversary, of the Queen's accession to the throne and I imagine the following year will mark the same for the anniversary of the coronation.  In between we have the 350th anniversary of the Crown Jewels, the House of Hanover in the Kings and Queens series, and of course the Olympic Games in the midst of it all.

I hope they do better than they did for the recent Royal wedding when the minimum you could buy was a sheet of four - 2 x first class and 2 x £1.10 - and the result is quite expensive.  No cards at all!

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  1. I love this set. Bold colors on these stamps made it look modern but you said this was printed in 1978. So nice.

    Visiting via Sunday Stamps. Here's my entry: Rizal@150

  2. It seems like the Queen stands out so much that the other designs almost disappear.

  3. Oh gosh, then I am so looking forward to a lot of things from the Royal Post next year. Don't forget, the Summer Olympics will also take place in London!! Ohh, I should pull some strings (read: ask my in-laws) to get me some stuffs :)

  4. Of course being in the USA it is a little hard for me to feel the importance of these events but they are great to look at.

  5. These are really cool sets of stamps.

  6. Really rare and nice set! :) Love them.

  7. Such exciting times. We love having your young royals here, briefuly, in the U. S. Wish they could have made it 500 miles further north to San Francisco!


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