Thursday 14 July 2011

Winter in Oregon

The last of the four seasons, or should it have been the first?

From the back of the card:
Snow blankets the ski lodge on the slopes of Mt Hood, making a scene of fantasy through which skiers have made tracks in the 200 inches of snow that have fallen.  The lodge was built during the Great Depression in the 1930s and stands today as a National Historical Site and is the largest wooden structure of its kind.


  1. I love winter sceneries :)

  2. Wow! As a native Oregonian, this scene is very familiar. But as familiar as it is, it always takes my breath away - either from a beautiful post card such as this, or in person. And believe me - in person is even more spectacular!

    Thanks for your wonderful peeks into the beautiful world around us. I'm all about Travel!


  3. An excellent reason for why I love living in NC

  4. I experienced snow when I lived in the Boston area and, as a child, when we were stationed in Austria. For the most part now, I avoid it!!


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