Wednesday 31 August 2011


The card is from a collection at the Turku Provincial Museum and it says on the back that the picture was taken in 1951.  The cars don't really look so old to me but since I hardly know one car from another, I'm not one to judge.

The sender tells me that trams haven't been running in Turku since 1972 when they were replaced by buses, and that there is very much more traffic these days.  That probably applies to everywhere.
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  1. Nice photo, very clear too! I like the word tram, ours that run around here today has the name, Light Rail or LRT, but back in those days they were called Street Cars or trollies....!

  2. Here in Portland, they still run the old "street car" on a Sunday. They have new ones here now. For an American city, the public transportation here is pretty good.

  3. Great retro feel to this postcard!


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