Thursday 11 August 2011


Cobh was the embarkation point for America during the famine years (1844-1848).  From Cobh, hundreds of thousands of hungry Irish men and women left to build a new life for themselves.  Many went on to do well but others died on the long and arduous journey.  today Cobh is a bright and vibrant town with much to offer the visitor.


  1. Very picturesque indeed. I didn't know this is where they embarked. For some reason it looks almost like Dutch rather than Ireland. I wouldn't have guessed Ireland. The cathedral doesn't look Dutch of course :), only the fronts of the row of houses. And the boats. I guess it is just me. Beautiful.

  2. One Part Of Ireland I Have Never Been To Myself. It Looks A Fine Place To Arrive At As Well As Depart.

  3. It is an attractive place. Sad to know so many were so bad off living there.

  4. This is definitely a place I'd like to see. It is most appealing, at least from the postcard shown. I'm sure so many people felt great sadness as they sailed away from the "old sod"!

  5. @Max, I find myself agreeing on most of that. all of it. It doesn't look like Ireland at all to me but the truth is I don't know Cobh.

    @tony, nor have I. Looks good, as you say.

    @Odie, they had some hard times in Ireland, unfortunately.

    @Carmen, I think now it's lovely.


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